Masterclass “Music industry: How it works”

Sergey Bryukhno - Masterclass

Sergey Bryukhno is a CEO of classical music label Oclassica. He is a frequent speaker in educational institutions across the country. The purpose of the lecture is to provide musicians with essential knowledge of how music industry works, how to get played on music services, how to create online presence and promote artistic activities using marketing tools and research methods.

Topics Covered

I. How it works

Digital or physical CDs release?

How to get your music to iTunes, Spotify and other music services

Aggregators, distributors or labels. What are the differences?

The role of music labels in the era of digital music. What label can do?

Compilations, singles, albums

Preparing an album for release

What is metadata, ISRC, UPC, Cover artwork

Copyright and Publishers

Quality of music recordings: technique and execution

Hi-Res vs. CD

How to make music sold

Licensing music for movies, television and advertising

II. Promotion Tools

Social networks: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Case Studies: Examples of activities


Pre roll videos on YouTube

Promotion in Instagram

Artist’s website

Domain Name, hosting

Maintenance and updates

Content: photo, texts, language versions

Website design

Mobile first

Search engine promotion will help (in fact, no)